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Clean Room Doors

Clean Room Products are widely acknowledged for their efficiency when it comes to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of a room or chamber. This specific category counts under itself various kinds of products that are step ladder, sink with platform and cabinet, locker, dehumidifier, SOP Stand, Pass Box (Static & Dynamic), Sterile Cabinet with U.V Light, Cross Over bench (Box Type), Industrial Door, Clean Room Partitions and Load Bearing Ceiling, etc. And Clean Room Products are quiet flexible along with the non-progressive construction that permits the wall panels in order to be modified or to be removed without even disturbing the adjacent wall panels or even the ceiling.

Sink With Platform and Cabinet

Industrial Locker

Looking to securely store your valuables and belongings? We hereby, bring you reliable Lockers when it comes to offer assured storage for your valuables. These are usually intended for to be used in the public places, and also intended for the short or the long term private use of the individuals. These lockers are generally found in gyms, swimming complexes, banks, institutes offices, colleges, schools, etc. The lockers bring along a lot of convenience to the users and also serve as the only personal space. These are offered in various dimensions and also in various designs and styles. 

Industrial Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is an electrical appliance that minimizes as well as maintains the level of the humidity that is present in the air. Usually in accordance of the health or comfort reasons, or in order to eliminate the musty odor along with aiming to prevent the excess growth of the mildew with the help of extraction of water from the air. The product can also be used for various commercial, household, or even for the industrial applications. Often referred like a Danby Dehumidifiers or even as AprilAire these offered Dehumidifiers operates much alike the air conditioners. Being quiet warm, moist air is easily drawn into the dehumidifier with the help of a fan. Moist air around then crosses all over the product's refrigerant cooled coils.

SOP Stand

SOP stands is very easy to fit and are known fro their distinct feature of being anti-corrosive in its nature. The robust design as it is made up of stainless steel and later on completely galvanized in order to impart rust proof characteristic. The stand is quiet durable in terms of its service span and also can easily accommodate various kinds of items in itself. These are offered at very nominal and attractive prices also the versatility factor of the product adds the demand of the product in the markets all the more. SOP stand's main objective is cleaning and is widely used in the housekeeping.

Pass Box (Static and Dynamic)

Pass Box (Static & Dynamic) are offered by the company basically to transfer the materials prsent between the two clean environments that are equally clean as well as are designed in order to work along with the minimal personnel movement. While on the other hand dynamic pass boxes ofefred are brought in use to pass through the materials from an uncontrolled atmosphere to a controlled environment. Pass Box (Static & Dynamic) are used to transfer different material to blend, granulation or sterilization at the time of manufacturing area as well as the sterilization or incubation.

Sterile Cabinet with U.V Light

Sterile Cabinet with U.V Light offered by us are enclosed structures, that are comforted with germicidal UV lamps, that have been brought in use in regards of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. The aim is to keep a biosafety cabinets interior that is clean and very versatile to be used in various kinds of industries. Many researchers intend to swear by the use of the UV lamps which would never consider the owning or even buying an enclosure without having single one. Sterile Cabinet with U.V Light is well equipped along with Germicidal lamps that utilizes UVc radiation mostly at 254 nm wavelength. 

Cross Over bench (Box Type)

Cross Over bench (Box Type) are useful when it comes to transfer materials in between the two clean surroundings that are equally clean as well as designed in order to work with the minimal personnel movement. The product further leads to free standing for easy and smooth removal in order to facilitate the task of cleaning. The health and safety factors are the priorities which we tend to follow. Cross Over bench (Box Type) is a divider as well as grants protection for the staff entering from the primary change room to the secondary change room. Furthermore, it also suitable for air lock of production or even when it comes to manufacturing area, dispensing, warehouse, sampling and also packing area.

Industrial Door

The delivered Industrial Doors are designed and installed with the aim of separating two different zones by offering the acoustic as well as the thermal insulation. The products further allows for the easy circulation of different kinds of machinery, goods, as well as personnel that are transported within buildings. Being used as the key elements in the firms, logistics, these industrial doors must be selected are offered in various designs, colors, and dimensions. These can be availed in the required uses as well as working conditions as per the clients wish. 

Clean Room Partitions

Clean Room Partitions are basically brought in use for the general purpose of applications such as pharmaceutical packaging rooms, laboratories, machinery as well as equipment enclosures. Clean Room Partitions also holds a significant role in the microelectronics industry where there is extensive bulk heading needed due to its unique design and simplifies the installations tool. Common applications that includes a semiconductor along with the lithography rooms, wafer fabrication, and assembly areas that are for flat panel displays, ink jet cartridges, disk drives, lasers, integrated circuits, and photonics. Clean Room Partitions features a monolithic wall area with no open seams and joints. The connections are well bonded in order to grant an easy-to-clean surface along with the areas for microorganisms so that they can sustain.

Load Bearing Ceiling

Load Bearing Ceilings have excellent load bearing roof system as well as endurance which not only offers the area along with an environmentally controlled airflow, that comes with the control of pressure, humidity, temperature, as well as filtration systems that are being placed at very high level, but at the same time Load Bearing Ceilings also allows the access of the proper maintenance personnel whilst not leading to nay kind of encroachment that takes places within clean chambers. The load-bearing wall or the bearing wall as it is often termed as are actually the active structural element of any building. The task of bearing the weight of various elements lying above the wall, is resting upon it by the conduction. 

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