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Clean Room Equipment

There are several alternatives for clean room equipment to ensure that your cleanroom operates precisely. Our clean room tools are made of the best materials and are engineered to reduce particle contamination. Take a look at our equipment if you want the cleanest rooms possible! For you specifically, we can deliver the best possible combination of quality, sturdiness, and original designs. To satisfy the specific needs of our clients, we design, produce, and install our clean rooms. Our clean room equipment may easily be expanded, reconfigured, or relocated as your cleanroom demands change thanks to their bespoke, flexible, modular architecture.

Ceiling Suspended Laminar Air Flow

Horizontal Laminar Airflow Cabinets

This horizontal Laminar Airflow Cabinet has extensive application in power generation, petrochemical, metallurgy, food processing and also in other industries. Housing of this product is made of standard grade polymethyl methacrylate. It has stainless steel operating table. Based on application type, UV lamp based remote controlled electrical interface is also provided with this cabinet. Durable frame of this cabinet is made of stainless steel or aluminum. Standard of this cabinet has been tested on the basis of its dimension, structural strength and design precision.

We deal with clients based in Punjab, Himachal, Delhi NCR, UP, Haryana and Uttrakhand only...